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Signalling System

 For the rail industry, Balogh has designed and developed a specific range of products used to implement many fields of applications dedicated to Control-Command, Supervision of railway vehicles (Tram, Metro, Train, Freight).

The special nature of BALOGH is to control all the technologies related to RFID, from the low frequency to the Microwave. In particular, Bi-directional Dialogue Solution and a Detection Vehicle Solution have been implemented as a complement to the principle of the simple tag code read by a reader.
Among the main applications covered by our product range, we find the Signaling and Passenger Information on-board or in Station, Depot Management, Preventive –  Predictive Maintenance of rail vehicles.

Product advantage

    • Memory  capacity:2 Bytes

    • Passive, no battery

    • Remote power  (through air gap)

    •  Insensible to critical weather conditions

    • Railway standards

Product Series

Application area

  • MOL81 and OMR201 sereis reader had beed installed in more than 10 tram lines in China, such as Shanghai Songjiang Tram T1/T2, Shenzhen Longhua Tram Line T1, Chengdu Tram line 2.