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Magnetic Sensor

The magnetic sensor is suitable for rotary angle or linear position measurement. This continuous signal processing will lead to very accurate measurement results in different mounting positions. The contact less measuring principle makes the system virtually wear-free,besides they are extremely resistant to shocks and vibrations ,so they have a virtually unlimited service life. Their reliable function is not affected by dust, dirt or humidity.

 The magnetic head feature a pretty mini design, so they are perfectly suited for use in cramped installation conditions and on direct drives. 

Compared to other measuring methods, the magnetic measuring principle tolerates a wide air gap between the magnetic head and the ring. This make the  system operate reliably even during large shaft movements.


Product advantage

  • Virtually unlimited service life

  • Unaffected by soiling

  • Extremely vibration- and shock-proof

  • Pretty mini design

  • Large air gap tolerances

  • For shafts Ø180 mm (other diameters on request)

  • Solutions with resolution 8192 ppr(other resolution on request)

Application area

  • speed measurement of the traction machine for the lift industry

  • speed measurement of the motor for the textile machinery industry

  • Angle and position feedback

  • Motor feedback