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Inductive Sensors

The operating principle of the classics inductive sensor is that an oscillator coil generates a high-frequency magnetic field and emerges at the sensing face. Any metallic object found in this field absorbs some of the energy,which is in turn detected and evaluated by built-in electronics

Ferromagnetic metals (steel, nickel, cobalt) absorb the most energy. The achievable operating distances are therefore greatest with these metals. Non-ferromagnetic metals with good conductivity, such as aluminum, absorb less energy. As a result, operating distances are lower (approx. 25 ... 45% of those on steel).

Product advantage

  • Minimal diameterΦ3(threadless) and M4 in the world make suitable for narrow space installation.

  • Suitable for food industry, marine, high-pressure extreme environments, etc.

  • Suitable for operating temperatures up to 230°C

  • Suitable for permanent operating pressures of 500 bar and peak pressures up to 1000 bar.

  • High precision and repetition rate

Product Series

Customer Benefits

  • ·Excellent cost-performance

  • ·Wide temperature range suit for the temperature conditions in various regions

  • Full range sizes and detecting distance suit for any requirements of the work-position on the spot.

Application area

  • engineering machinery

  • automotive industry

  • elevator industry

  • high-speed motorized spindle

  • Machine tool industry

  • Port machinery