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Double Sheet Detectors

Double sheet detectors monitor the automatic sheet destacking and sheet separation on sheet working machines like automatic sheet destackers, sheet loading robots, sheet feeders etc. If double or multiple sheets instead of only one sheet are destacked , die- destruction / damages may occurred on the  expensive machine.

Controlway double sheet detector feature a pretty mini design and output analog signal which needs no amplifier or controller.


Product advantage

  • For Cu or Aluminium sheets(other materials on request)

  • For sheets up to 0,5 mm(other thickness on request)

  • Single sided sensor with analog voltage output 

  • 24 VDC supply

  • need NO external amplifier

Application area

  • Detect the Copper foil with many holesc

  • control the automatic sheet eject on sheet printing machines

  • double end detection on a seamer 

  • singlesided sensor on a welding machine destacker