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Photoelectric Sensors

The operating principle of photoelectric sensor is that the light-emitting diode (LED) emits a beam of modulated light towards the target. This beam is interrupted by the target, causing partial reflection. A part of the reflected light reaches the sensing face of the receiver. Depending on the operating principle, either the interrupted beam or the reflected light is used for further processing.

Controlway photoelectric devices are divided into diffuse photoelectric sensors, diffuse photoelectric sensors with background suppression, reflex photoelectric sensors, through-beam photoelectric sensors depending on their operating principle

Product advantage

  • High system reserves(excess gain)

  • High precision background suppression

  • Resolution of laser analog sensor up to 0.04mm

  • Color sensor, contrast sensor and distance measuring sensor are available. The full-featured products meet customer demand for a variety of functions.

Product Series

Application area

  • Packaging machinery

  • Electronic industry

  • Automation equipment

  • Transport system

  • Auto industry

  • Elevator industry

  • Machine tool industry